About Computer Medics

About Computer Medics

We are people, we are talented, we are friends and we are educated professionals with a passion to provide outstanding customer service to our local IT community. We are Computer Medics.

Wide Range of Experience CMI provides a full range of technology support and consulting services. We have extensive experience from small, single computer configurations to large, complicated networks with hundreds of computers authenticating to network servers with all types of peripherals including firewalls, content filters, printers, scanners, FAX terminals, etc. We work with a large number of local professional businesses and individuals, as well as many home users.

Ongoing Training and Certification We are continually re-training and re-certifying with our affiliates like Apple (certified since 2006, Tiger 10.4) and Microsoft (certified since 1999, Windows NT). We strive to stay ahead of “the next big thing.” Our extended network of experienced, professional associates affords us the ability to get expert assistance, if needed, no matter what challenges we encounter.

Ethics and Commitment Our business is based on honesty, trust, and integrity. We are completely committed to providing dependable, professional service with total customer satisfaction. Please read our client testimonies for their opinion of CMI and our services.

Certifications & Specific, Detailed Studies (1999 to Current)

  • Proxy Server
  • Exchange
  • Server
  • Network Essentials
  • CompTIA A+ Hardware
  • CompTIA A+ Software
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Cisco Support
  • NT Server
  • NT Workstation
  • Windows XP
  • Apple Helpdesk Associate
  • Apple Consultants Network
  • Apple & Windows Integration 10.8
  • Microsoft Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • MCSE+I (requires 9 individual Microsoft Certifications)
  • Dell Desktop Associate
  • Apple Certified Associate
  • Certified Ethical Hacker v5
  • Certified Ethical Hacker v6
  • Certified Ethical Hacker v7
  • Certified Computer Forensic Investigator
  • CompTIA Security +

Folks who run the joint……

Everyone at CMI is committed to providing their best efforts, for exceptional results.

The Players

Jamie: Worker Bee—Technology Support and Consulting Stacey: Queen Bee—Office Manager, ringleader Mary: CPA Bee— Mary keeps us out of jail Liz: Social Bee —Social Media, Creative force. Nancy: Spelling Bee – Professional Writer / Blogger